New African American History and Culture resources! ☆

| February 24, 2011

In celebration of Black History Month, Southern Cultures permanently has
dedicated a new section of their website to all of their essays and features
from the last decade on AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY AND CULTURE. This material
includes interviews with many famous figures (and lesser known ones, too),
as well as material which explores many aspects of the experiences of
African Americans inside and outside the South. In addition, they’ve also
been presenting featured content on their homepage to commemorate African
American history: an essay from Timothy B. Tyson, author of Blood Done Sign
My Name, who reveals why Martin Luther King’s message endures and what he
means to the South and the nation.

To date, over 65,000 readers have viewed the material online. To read the
new section on AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY AND CULTURE, please visit:

To read Tim Tyson’s “Martin Luther King and the Southern Dream of Freedom,”
please visit: