Content Area Literacy Conference 2010 Proceedings ☆

How can social studies and science teachers help address student deficiencies in content literacy? Low disciplinary literacy brings a host of academic, social, and economic burdens. The Content Area Literacy Conference 2010, held this summer at Teachers College, brought together a host of educators and academics to discuss this problem and suggest possible resolutions.

Now posted on the Teachers College website, the conference proceedings offer insight into both the prevalence of the problem and the variety of available solutions. From the TC website:

This document was created for secondary science and social studies teachers who are eager to learn ways to integrate literacy strategies into their instruction. In particular, the document is for participants of the Content Area Literacy Conference held at Teachers College in July 2010, which was funded by a partnership of TC’s Provost Investment Fund and Carnegie Corporation of New York.  The document contains detailed summaries of  conference presentations made by well-known experts in adolescent content-area literacy.

The full PDF, available for free here, begins with an overview of the problem.