Class: Teaching About Africa with Film and Service-Learning

| December 3, 2010

A&HW 5050.003 (CRN 51863)

Teaching About Africa With Film and Service Learning
(Currently listed as Service Learning: The African Context)

Instructor: Ellen Livingston

Intended primarily for pre-service and in-service secondary teachers,
this course will examine the broad themes of African history and a variety
of current issues that demand attention in today’s classrooms.  The course
will draw heavily on film resources, including feature and documentary
films, and consider key pedagogical issues concerning the use of film in
the secondary setting. Students will also have the opportunity to explore
ways that service learning can be used to promote student engagement
with the issues raised in the course. Those enrolled will create original
curricular materials for use in their own classrooms. Please note that this
course can be counted toward the content requirement for students enrolled
in programs in Teaching of Social Studies.