New York to Yosemite ☆

| September 29, 2010

Jay Shuttleworth has a knack for balancing work and leisure. This summer, the third-year doctoral student took over student teacher coordination for the program. He also returned to his home state of California for a break from the City.

Although Jay had worked on student teacher placements for TC before, this was his first experience coordinating the program. A considerable effort goes into getting all those students assigned. “I spent a lot of time becoming very familiar with the schools we partnering with…and doing a lot of communication with incoming students about their needs.” Jay worked with the Social Studies program to prioritize getting students assigned to schools before the first day of classes. “My goal for the summer was to get students placed with the opportunity that they could go to their site on or before the first day of school, something they’ve not had in the past” he said, “and I feel like it’s gone well.”

The effort certainly paid off. By the first week, student teachers were working in schools throughout the city. Many of these schools, like the Bronx Science Academy and Beacon, have a long relationship with TC. Others represent the efforts of leaders like Jay to reach into the community. “We’ve moved into a few new schools. We’re working with Facing History High School [in midtown] the Green School [in Brooklyn] and we now have a partnership with the Columbia Secondary School on 123rd.”

To give himself a break from New York, Jay took a trip home to California. Although it wasn’t a complete break from work (“I took coursework–that’s kind of a give”), Jay did spend time in the backcountry of Yosemite National Park with his dad. The experience was in part designed to help with the coming semester. As Jay puts it, “I needed something to remind me of the summer when I’m back here in New York City.” As a reminder, he has posted a YouTube video of a sunrise onto the east face of the famous Half Dome peak in Yosemite. “It was our last day in the wilderness,” Jay recalls. An excellent way to wrap up a busy summer.