Vacancies for the 2010-2011 School Year

| October 14, 2010
New Design High School has a 9th grade Global Studies vacancy opening immediately.

Mission and Core Beliefs
New Design High School (NDHS) is a small academic high school with a focus on design located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan in the Seward Park Campus.  New Design is a college preparatory school aimed at meeting the holistic needs of adolescents, including the academic, intellectual, social, emotional and artistic. NDHS integrates the idea, concept and process of design into a progressive, academic, high school curriculum, thereby offering a model of innovative education for all our students.

Our core beliefs:

We care for our students as individuals.  We seek to know their particular strengths, passions and learning styles, to better meet their needs in the classroom and to help them develop the capacity to make good choices.

Intellectual and Creative Community
Conversation and collaboration deepen our work and our reflection.  We seek each other’s perspective and expertise on a daily basis.

Curiosity and Passion
We believe in cultivating curiosity and passion.

Developing the strategies and the stamina for solving problems is essential to living successfully.

Multiple Perspectives
Exploring different perspectives and cultural contexts helps students develop into versatile, empathic adults.

Commitments and Understandings
NDHS teachers are committed to a student-centered model of education that supports the intellectual, social, emotional and artistic growth of each student.  We are committed to developing the imaginative, creative and intellectual capacities of our students to question, think deeply, take risks and express their ideas.  Staff members at New Design are talented teachers, passionate about educating and inspiring our students by connecting the material to their lives. With thoughtfulness, collaboration, current research and hard work our founding and current staff members have developed and continue to develop a warm and safe environment that prepares students for college and other post-secondary pursuits. All staff members are integral to the growth and improvement of New Design, and many staff members assume leadership roles to help direct the school’s development.

Duties and Responsibilities
Teachers’ roles in small schools are varied and complex. Serious consideration will be given to applicants who demonstrate experience, interest and enthusiasm in the following essential aspects:

  • Demonstrate scholarship in and passion for content area.
  • Consistent unit and lesson planning using backwards design and other assessment driven instruction.
  • Support special education students in mainstream courses in accordance with the school’s philosophy.
  • Commitment to serving our population which includes 75% Title 1 with 55% Latino, 31% Black, 5% White and 9% Asian and Other.
  • Participate in professional development including weekly staff meeting, reflective practice, peer and professional observations, coaching and new program development.
  • Plan for and teach a daily Design for Life class, mentoring a small group of students in order to address emotional, academic and logistical needs
  • Participate in a department team to develop departmental assessments (DYO) and to use this data to improve planning and instruction
  • Willingness to improve literacy issues of all students in all content areas.
  • Willingness to collaborate with colleagues in team teaching and co-planning scenarios.
  • Interest in non-traditional rotation schedule with extended periods.
  • Meet regularly with school leadership and grade level deans and department facilitators to review and discuss teaching practices and student progress.
  • Design and implement a three day intersession course on a high interest subject area.
  • Ability to develop relationships and rapport with students and families.

Social Studies Position:
· Create innovative and original curriculum based on primary document inquiry, not on textbooks, that engages students in critical thinking and problem-solving.
· Balance regular Regents skill development structures (regular flashcards and quizzes) with varied authentic assessments, focused on developing argument-writing skills
· Develop literacy teaching methods, with an understanding that to be a good historian, one must understand how to read documents critically, analyze evidence, and develop sound arguments based on sound evidence
· Work with the department to implement and improve upon our DYO, a week-long grade-wide assessment involving a modern day problem-solving scenario as a culmination of the quarter’s content, a set of primary documents to analyze, small group roundtable discussions, and a final in-class essay-writing synthesizing their response to the scenario.

Interested applicants should submit a resume and cover letter addressing interest in New Design High School and achievement in teaching and learning.

Please send materials to:

Dr. Scott Conti, Principal
Phone: 212-475-4148 x 418