TC Social Studies Doctoral Student Publishes in History Compass

| July 7, 2011

Congratulations to Amy Mungur, who just published the following article!

Mungur, Amy. (2011). Chinese Movies and History Education. The Case of Zhang Yimou’s ‘To Live’, History Compass.

Using film to promote historical understanding is not a new
phenomenon. However, such use presents difficulty when dealing with
non-Western history, as sufficient care must be given to not engender
historical misunderstanding and the reinforcement of stereotypes. Much
of the research on teaching with film centers on Hollywood productions
that typically embody a Western perspective. The problem is compounded
by the fact that textbooks used in American classrooms offer only a
limited presentation of such critical events in modern Chinese history
as the Chinese Civil War, the Great Leap Forward, and the Cultural
Revolution. Teachers can therefore greatly benefit from the use of
additional background materials to teach this content more
effectively. Using existing research on film in the classroom, this
paper explores briefly the histories represented in some popular
Chinese film, with a specific focus on Zhang Yimou’s To Live. It
discusses how use of this film in particular can be used to assist
students in constructing historical knowledge and understanding about

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